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Crack Injection

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Crack Injection

Montreal, Laval & South Shore

Interior Crack Injection

Waterproofing basements in Montreal, North & South Shores for over 3 decades  Akton Injection has specialized in the repair and reconstruction of concrete foundation cracks for over a quarter of a century. We know that in attempting to waterproof your basement the first priority is to properly repair your foundation.  Just give us a call and our team of crack repair contractors will work with you to find the best and most cost effective method to achieve a successful, long lasting foundation repair.  Read more about this method on our Interior Crack Injection page.

Exterior Crack Injection

When asked out professional opinion based on over 30 years of experience, Akton Injection will usually recommend an exterior crack injection given the space to do it.  While more intrusive, an injection done on the exterior of your edifice combined with proper drainage sloping by your landscape contractor, will prevent water pressure against the foundation wall and provide the highest degree of protection possible.  Read more about this method on our Exterior Crack Injection page.

Epoxy Injection

Concrete Epoxy Injection is a system for welding cracks back together using an Epoxy Resin. The resin restores the original strength of the concrete. Structural restoration of concrete by epoxy injection is very often the only alternative to complete replacement. Epoxy injection protects rebar and stops water leakage. Read more about this method on our Epoxy Injection page.

Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethanes are fast-setting, elastomeric and most effective in sealing and waterproofing a crack that will be undergoing slight movement from seasonal temperature changes.  One of the determining factors in deciding to use Polyurethane is if there is concern about leakage from the back of a crack.  Another benefit of their fast setting foam attributes is that it expands and hardens within minutes of injection in the crack.  This reduces the likelihood of it flowing out the back.  While adding almost no structural strength, most residential applications don't require it.   Read more about this method on our Polyurethane Injection page.

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