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Is your concrete foundation cracked or leaking? Akton Injection can help. We provide foundation crack repairs in Montréal, Laval, West Island, and South Shore.

Most homeowners have encountered the frustrating problem of foundation cracks in their basement walls, as well as the resulting stubborn water leaks. 

Unfortunately, many foundation crack repair techniques deal solely with covering the cracks with hydraulic cement, epoxy, or sealer. When moisture eventually loosens the water-soluble ingredients and expansion and contraction takes place, these quick-fix solutions usually fail. We know that warmer and colder weather conditions will continuously expand or contract the structure; thereby cracks will continue to move.



If your foundation is in good condition but has one or more cracks, the easiest way to permanently seal the crack is from the inside or exterior of your building using a step-by-step process. Whether you have many cracks in your foundation or you have a concrete block foundation, you should consider a full French Drain for your home. 



The steps involved in interior crack injection process are:

Step 1: Drill holes through the crack at a 45-degree angle every 6 inches.

Step 2: Screw in injector plugs with grease nipples to connect with the high-pressure pumps.

Step 3: Flush out the crack with a mild acid to remove dust, dirt, and debris from one injector to the next (removal of any obstructions for the injection).

Step 4: Flush out the crack with water to clean out the acid. Water is also a reactor/accelerator for the polyurethane.

Step 5: Cover the crack with hydraulic cement to prevent the outflow of the polyurethane from the injection.

Step 6: Inject the polyurethane at 3000 to 10,000 PSI to fill all the open voids in the concrete and to push through to the other side.


Learn more about the steps with illustrations. To find out effective solution to your foundation crack problem, compare polyurethane injection and epoxy injection mechanisms.



If you ask us for our professional opinion, Akton Injection will usually recommend an exterior crack injection provided there is sufficient space to do it. While more intrusive, an injection done on the exterior of your edifice combined with proper drainage sloping by your landscape contractor, will prevent water pressure against the foundation wall.



We have been providing basement waterproofing services in Montréal, North and South Shores for over 4 decades. Akton Injection specializes in the repair and reconstruction of concrete foundation cracks. We know that in attempting to waterproof your basement, the first priority is to properly repair your foundation. Just give us a call and our team of crack repair contractors will work with you to find the best and the most cost-effective method to get a successful, long-lasting foundation repair solution.


Call one of our representatives today or fill out our form for a free foundation repair quotation!

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