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Epoxy Injection – Foundation Repairs Using Epoxy Resin in Montréal, West Island, Laval, and South Shore

The team at Akton Injection provides foundation repairs using epoxy resin in Montréal, West Island, Laval, and South Shore. Concrete epoxy injection is a system for welding cracks back together using an epoxy resin. The resin restores the original strength of the concrete. When it comes to selecting an alternative to complete replacement, structural restoration of concrete by epoxy injection is the only option. Epoxy injection protects rebar and stops water leakage.

Epoxy Versus Polyurethane Crack Injection

The largest misconception in our industry is that you need to use either epoxy resin or polyurethane foam to seal a foundation wall crack. The easy answer is to use epoxy if the foundation requires structural repairs. If the crack needs to be sealed only to prevent moisture infiltration or the crack is actively leaking, polyurethane is usually the best choice. As your foundation contractor, Akton Injection can properly evaluate the needs of the project and use the appropriate product.

When to Use Epoxy to Seal a Foundation Crack – Strengths and Limitations

 The strength and bond of epoxy resin with concrete exceeds the strength of concrete itself

 Epoxy crack injection provides structural strength

 Dry surface adherence (no leaking or wet foundation cracks)

 Epoxy crack repair provides the strongest repair to withstand traffic

 Used more often in commercial applications for condos, apartment buildings, hotels, and more

 No expansion - a 1/4-inch crack requires four times more epoxy in comparison to a 1/16-inch crack

 Possibly the epoxy may get leaked out at the back of the crack

 There will be re-cracking or creation of new cracks if the building moves in the future

Learn More about Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethanes are fast-setting, elastomeric, and most effective in sealing and waterproofing a crack that will be undergoing slight movement from seasonal temperature changes. One of the determining factors in deciding to use polyurethane is if there is concern about leakage from the back of a crack. Another benefit of their fast setting foam attributes is that it expands and hardens within minutes of injection in the crack. This reduces the likelihood of it flowing out the back. While adding almost no structural strength, most residential applications don't require it.

Waterproofing Your Foundation

Since 1979, Akton Injection has specialized in the repair of concrete and concrete block foundation cracks. Just give us a call and our team of foundation repair specialists will work with you to find the best product and the most cost-effective method to provide you with a successful and permanent foundation repair solution.

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