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Do you want to get your garage slab repaired? Rely on the experienced team at Akton Injection for driveway drain installation in Montréal. It is the best time to replace your old drainbox with those small drain holes. Proper driveway drainage may start with a proper slope of the driveway, but it ends at the bottom of your driveway just before the garage door. If you have maple trees or other like species, you may want to consider replacing that old 12x12 drain with a properly installed channel or "trench drain" with a drainage grate that reduces the potential of drain blockage.


The reason for these larger "trench drainboxes" is two-fold. The first is that the drainage box of the trench drain allows capturing and channelling of more water. With global warming, there has been an increased amount of strong precipitation from year-to-year requiring more management of runoff rainwater. Should your box be too small or the drainbox cover be covered? The rush of water can flow over the drainage box and creep between the concrete sill and the garage door seal causing unwanted flooding in your garage. The deeper box of a trench drain captures the excess water and properly directs the flow of water into your drainage pipe, then into your garage pit, and out the storm drain. The large "drainage grate" will decrease the likelihood of the drainbox being blocked by falling leaves and debris in the fall.

Driveway Drains


Water should always be directed away from your home with proper grading of the driveway. In conjunction with the correct drainbox solution, you can avoid costly repairs to your foundation or flooding in your garage. Do you require more assistance? One of Akton Injection's friendly representatives will be happy to provide you with a phone number to one of our recommended landscapers to properly re-slope your driveway.


The professionals at Akton Injection can cut concrete and asphalt, remove the excess, and install the drainbox at the same time as replacement of your garage slab or a standalone drainbox installation. Protection and repairs of the foundation are our métier and we take pride in making sure our clients’ homes and businesses are taken care of for the long term. We have been around for over 40 years and we intend to be around in the long term, so we don't compromise on the quality of the work. Trust the RBQ'd team at Akton Injection and don’t hesitate to ask our representative regarding our warrantied solutions.

Call one of our representatives today or fill out our form for a free foundation repair quotation!

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