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Quick and Effective Concrete Levelling Services in Montréal, Laval, West Island, and South Shore

Whether you have sinking concrete around your home or you are facing pooling water problems, Akton Injection can help. Our efficient team can lift as well as restore your concrete to eliminate trip hazards. We provide concrete levelling services in Montréal for your driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and slabs. We use a polyurethane foam injection to quickly restore the appearance and safety of your outdoor space.

Why Choose Us for Your Concrete Lifting Work?

Over 30 years, we have repaired over 20,000 homes and offices. With our successful track record and efficient team, you can count on us for not only a quality repair but also a long-lasting solution. Irrespective of the problems you are facing, our team has the required knowledge to provide an effective solution for all. Our certified and experienced team will visit your property for proper evaluation to identify the needs. 


The benefits of Akton’s raising and stabilizing:

Cost effective (50-75% less than the cost of a new concrete slab)
Fast, clean and simple
Ecologically friendly and safe
Minimally invasive solid

What we do

Pool patios & sheds

Sidewalks & driveways 

 Warehouses, office floors & shipping docks

 Roads & bridges

 Garages & basement floors

Why Does Concrete Settle? 

The stability of a concrete slab depends on the quality of the base on which it is poured. The better the quality of the base, the more stable is the concrete slab.

Poor Base Conditions Can Be Attributed To: 

Poor or improper compaction of the base: Failure to properly compact base materials before pouring can lead to hastened settling. The weight of the slab will further compact the base after curing, and settlement can happen quickly. 

Climate: During winters, the freeze and thaw cycle is experienced in many regions. This causes the ground underneath the slab to expand when frost is present and will cause slabs to heave or rise. When the frost melts, the slabs will settle but it may not be according to their original elevation. You might also see trip spots as the slabs may become uneven. In case of droughts, soils such as expansive clays will shrink, causing settling issues for concrete slabs. When expansive clay soils have wet conditions, they may swell, leading to shifting concrete that needs leveling.

Erosion: There are many factors that can lead to eroded base materials under concrete. If there are damaged water lines or sewer lines, it can lead to washout of base materials causing slabs to settle. Downspouts that are improperly placed can cause pooling of water and can lead to erosion. Bodies of water, lakes, rivers, and seawalls all tend to cause erosion over time. 

Machine/Traffic Vibrations: In industrial/highway settings where movement and heavy loads are present, concrete slabs may move or settle. When there are vibrations from passing traffic or machinery, it can lead to the base compacting and slab settlement or movement.

Slab Curl/Rocking Slabs: When a relatively large section of concrete is poured, slab curl occurs. When the curing process happens, the top of the slab may cure slightly faster, resulting in the curling of the slabs. They may rock and become unstable.

Settled Concrete: Replacement, or Raising and Stabilizing?

Replacement: This method is the most expensive as well as a very time-consuming option. The replacement process may lead to downtime for businesses, loss of productivity, and lost revenues. Moreover, the finished colours of the new slab will also not match the existing adjacent concrete. This is also true for residential scenarios.

Raising and Stabilizing: The process of injecting environmentally friendly polyurethane foam under sunken concrete to lift and level requires nearly invisible 5/8” holes (the size of a dime) drilled and patched. The polyurethane material is permanent, lightweight, hydrophobic, and will never lose its density. The foam is completely waterproof, acting as a moisture barrier, offering a powerful water containment system which is unaffected by the freeze-thaw cycle. 

The quick cure time from our non-intrusive process allows for a repaired area to be fully functional within minutes as opposed to hours, days, or weeks from traditional methods, eliminating any downtime in most instances.

Driveway Lift

Walkway Lift

Patio Lift

Driveway Lift

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