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If your garage floor slab cracked or deteriorated, hire Akton Injection for garage floor replacement in Montréal, West Island, Laval, and South Shore. Hire Our team can Our team can resolve this issue by replacing the slab not by using a “band-aid” overcoat solution as it will not fix the underlying issues. Most existing garage floors are not built on a solid base and are not reinforced with steel mesh to prevent future movement.

Garage floor replacement is done to:

Replace cracked and crumbling floors

Reduce humidity and moisture

Properly level and slope floors

Replace plumbing and install floor drains

Floor insulation

In-floor heating


Our team of skilled concrete floor contractors understands that the most important step in the process is to make sure the ground or "foundation" beneath the slab does not settle or shift to avoid future cracking of the garage slab. We make it last for life, different from other contractors as we do the little things like installing special "legs" to support the steel mesh so that it is suspended in the middle of the concrete and provides maximum reinforcement.

The process starts with removing the existing slab and gravel. Once demolition and removal have been completed, we change the plumbing and install a new reinforced PVC drainbox. Then, we add a layer of 3/4" stone and compact and lay a thick sheet of plastic known as a "vapour barrier” to prevent water from moving through the porous concrete. In the preparation for concrete, a raised steel mesh is installed on small supports to reinforce the floor. Finally, the concrete is poured using a specific concrete mix designed to resist our local freeze/thaw cycles and then smoothly finished. One day later, expansion joints are cut in the slab to reduce stress on the cement and this provides the final guarantee against the cement cracking.

Concrete does not dry out as it undergoes a chemical curing process that creates a dry, solid mass. The top surface needs to remain wet while the curing process takes place. When hot, we often suggest spraying water on top of the slab to reduce evaporation to strengthen the slab.


Serving Montréal, West Island, Laval, and South Shore for over 4 decades, Akton Injection has specialized in the repair and reconstruction of concrete slabs for over a quarter of a century. We know that the first priority is to properly repair your garage floor. Just give us a call and our team of concrete repair contractors will work with you to find the best and the most cost-effective method to provide you with a successful, long-lasting floor repair solution.


The step-by-step process of garage floor repairs is:

Step 1: Clear garage floor of all materials and place plywood on the driveway

Step 2: Break the concrete floor into sizes the excavator can remove

Step 3: Excavate out (remove) cement floor and existing fill down approximately 12 inches

Step 4: Install a new reinforced PVC drainbox and connect

Step 5: Backfill 7 inches of ¾ gravel DB certified

Step 6: Compact gravel

Step 7: Lay 6 mil vapour barrier to cut the humidity

Step 8: Lay 3/16 steel mesh to reinforce the concrete

Step 9: Pour 5 inches of 32 MPA concrete

Step 10: Finish floor (standard finish)

Step 11: Cut expansion joints

Step 12: Remove all excess earth and clean the work area


There are many reasons for cement garage floor repairs. Some of them are a frost, soil compaction, settlement below the slab, water under the floor, poor construction, no steel reinforcement, poor quality cement, and the age the cement. In Quebec, we have another serious issue where older homes in Montréal, West Island, Laval, and South Shore are subject to pyrite damage.


Pyrite or "Fool's Gold" is a type of mineral that can sometimes be found in the gravel used under the garage floor concrete slabs that were created in and around the GTM (Greater Montréal Area). Pyritic backfill can be concentrated and eventually the excess ferric iron heaves upward until the slab lifts and cracks. Call us for garage floor pyrite removal jobs.

Call one of our representatives today or fill out our form for a free foundation repair quotation!

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