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French Drain Installations in Montréal, West Island, South Shore, and Laval

For basement drainage and for removing unwanted water from foundations, you can rely on Akton Injection for French drain installation and repairs in Montréal, West Island, South Shore, and Laval. Our team can efficiently evaluate the situation and determine whether French drain installation is an ideal solution for you.

Interior French Drains

Interior perimeter drains or "French drains inside the basement" around the perimeter of the foundation footing serve as a basic defence against groundwater if an exterior French drain is not possible. Interior French drain is considered as a secondary solution because it gives you a dry basement but does not protect the foundation walls against future deterioration.


Exterior drain tiles or "exterior French drains" around the perimeter of the foundation footing serve as a primary defence against groundwater. To handle any water infiltration problem, this is the best solution in combination with the proper membranes.

Foundation Membranes

Akton Injection uses a combination of different membranes that complement each other to resolve any water infiltration. During the evaluation of your home or business, our experts will determine the correct combination for your situation to get optimum results, a dry basement, and peace of mind at a reasonable cost.


Upgrade to our premium POLYURETHANE MEMBRANE especially for block and stone foundation. To learn more.

Sump Pumps

Basically, as the groundwater level rises, it is diverted into a catch basin. When the water level reaches a ‘critical level’, the sump pump will automatically begin to pump the water out through a pipe before the water reaches the basement floor. Once the water returns to a ‘normal level’, the pump automatically turns off. A sump pump is an important part of most waterproofing systems because if the pump malfunctions, the system will fail. A proper sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by protecting you from water damages.

Window Well Drainage and Window Well Drains

Improper window well installation, improper window well drainage, lack of a window well on a foundation where a window is below grade (below the level of the earth), are primary reasons for leaks into basements in the Quebec region. Our team of foundation drainage specialists can determine the right solution to resolve water infiltration problems.

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