French Drains Installation and Repair in Montréal and Surrounding Areas

Akton Injection handles the installation and repair of French drains in Montreal for residential or commercial buildings. A French drain is a perforated pipe at the bottom of a gravel-filled trench on the sides of a building. These drains are used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating and damaging building foundations. French drains provide an easy channel for water to flow through: water runs into the gravel-filled trench and into the perforated pipe, travels in the pipe, and empties a safe distance from the building. Our qualified team has the necessary skills to efficiently install your drains. We use good quality French drains to ensure the durability of the work and optimal protection of your building against humidity and water infiltration. Our team assesses your situation and determines if installing French drains is an ideal solution for you. Call our team for more information about our services.


The accumulation of water in your walls, the leaks in your basement due to poor drainage, or the absence of window wells lead to the formation of cracks and mould, which can damage your home and compromise your health. It is therefore advisable to install a drainage system outside your home, preferably, or inside your home.

Exterior French drains are installed around the perimeter of the foundation slab and serve as the primary defence against groundwater. If it is not possible to install exterior drains, or if your foundation wall already leaks in the basement, interior perimeter drains or "French drains inside the basement" are considered as a secondary solution to ensure a dry basement.

Our team of foundation drainage specialists in Montreal can determine the best solution to solve your water infiltration problems.


A foundation membrane and an exterior drain form a combination that is a great way to waterproof your foundation. Indeed, Akton Injection uses different kinds of membranes to solve the sealing problem. We prioritize durable, robust, elastic membranes that are resistant to high water pressure to guarantee you optimal results: a dry basement and peace of mind at a reasonable cost. The different types of quality membranes we use are:

  • Liquid rubber membrane

  • Elastomeric membranes

  • Drainage board

  • Polyurethane membrane


The sump pump is an essential element in the waterproofing system in that it helps in the drainage of the basement and prevents flooding when the level of the water table under the building rises or when there is excess water in the ground around your basement. When the water level in the sump (catch basin) reaches a critical level, the sump pump automatically begins to pump the water out through a pipe before the water reaches the basement floor. Our professionals are equipped and skilled to install your sump pump to keep the waterproofing system running smoothly. A good sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by protecting your building from water damage.

Contact one of our representatives today or fill out our form to get a cost estimate for installing French drains in Montreal.


We use different methods and equipment to make your foundations stronger and more water resistant in Montreal.

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