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Hydraulic foundation piles stabilize your home’s foundation. Piling is a method that acts as a deep foundation at the bedrock level and is used to straighten and stabilize your home. It's like putting your house on permanent steel stilts to support it.

The most common cause of sinking is unstable/low-bearing soil (often clay). The sinking of structures is commonly caused either by unstable soil that cannot support the building's weight or by soil that has a low-bearing capacity, meaning the soil is not firm enough to support the weight of your home. In either case, the end result may be structural issues. Hydraulic piles are put in place to transfer the weight of the foundation from the surface to the bedrock below. Piling can be used in almost any type of soil and can last a lifetime. Trust the expertise of Akton Injection in Montreal to inject new life in your foundation.


Pile foundations are one of the oldest methods of providing a safe and dependable foundation and are required when upper soil strata are weak. A foundation pile is called hydraulic when it is hydraulically forced into the ground. Pile driving machines work by using a weight placed above a pile that releases, slides down vertically, and hits the pile, hammering it into the ground. In the case of hydraulic piles, the weight is raised mechanically and is powered by hydraulics. The hydraulic pile hammer operates by sending hydraulic fluid at high pressure into a rotary-type hammer. The hammer is forced down at very high speed, striking the piling. The hammer returns to the raised position and is once again driven downward.

Screw piles may seem cheaper than piles initially, but they are not able to withstand the load of concrete foundations. Screw piles can only be used in specific cases, such as the stabilization of a gallery, balcony or shed. A true contractor always uses hydraulic piles, as this is the only technique that guarantees the stability of an existing building.


Cracks in bricks

Issues in closing and opening doors

Issues in closing and opening windows

Cracks in foundation

Cracks in the interior walls

Uneven floors

The most common signs are appearances of cracks in the foundation, cracks in a brick wall, poorly closing doors and windows, and cracks inside the home. These signs signify that the structure is collapsing. This means the building’s foundation is on unstable soil, often clay soil. Hence the foundation needs to be pinned to the bedrock using hydraulic piles.

A cracked wall reaching to the edges of a doorway
A technician standing in front of a cracked wall, with a report card in his hand
Close-up of a cracked wall near a door
A cracked wall reaching to the edges of a window


Many houses in Greater Montreal are built on low-load-bearing soils. A concrete foundation weighs a few tons and can sink a few inches if the ground does not have the capacity to support it. A clay soil often shows weakness, resulting in the movement, if not the sinking, of the foundation. Other factors may contribute to the low-load capacity of the soil. For instance, even a large tree near the foundation can make the ground near the building dry, creating faults in the ground. Even a ½ inch motion in the foundation can cause serious problems to the structure of the building. The team of specialists at Akton Injection can correct the problem: Steel piles will be pushed till there is refusal in the bedrock, and thereby stabilize the structure.


For many years, Akton Injection has been using state-of-the-art techniques to stabilize the foundations of numerous buildings. We understand the importance of your home, so our team will be there to guide you through the whole project. Foundation piling is done in accordance with a certified engineer’s plan to ensure the optimal placement of the piles and to maintain the structural integrity of the home.

During our visit, at first our qualified professionals will determine whether the foundation of your building has moved. If so, the building needs to be stabilized with piles, therefore we will proceed with the work of installing hydraulic foundation piles.

Our team will fix anchors at various locations around the foundations. The hydraulic piles will be placed into those anchors, driven down to the bedrock, and welded to the anchors. The weight of the foundations will then automatically be transferred to those anchors, so that the foundation no longer exerts any pressure on the unstable ground. We can also ensure the waterproofing of your foundation with the installation of French drains and foundation membranes.


Permanent stabilization of your home

Relevelling (straightening) of your structure

Prevention of further damage

Peace of mind

Protection of your investment


The foundation of your building will be fully protected from any subsidence (sinking/sagging) of the ground and from severe weather conditions such as a flood or a drought.



To offer support to homeowners dealing with foundations damaged by clay soil subsidence, the Société d’habitation du Québec has a program called Rénovation Québec. Many municipalities participate in the Rénovation Québec program, which provides financial assistance to municipalities wishing to support their residents in their residential renovation projects. For more information, see the details of the program on the Société d’habitation du Québec’s website and contact your municipality. In conformity with the specific procedures set forth by your municipality, we can provide you with a complete report and a detailed estimate for the work to be carried out.


Residents of Montréal can benefit from the city’s Stabilization of Building Foundations Program. The following types of work are eligible for financial assistance:

Foundation stabilization work, including the installation of piles and the replacement of existing foundations

Related work, such as the repair, consolidation and waterproofing of foundations, the repair of drains, excavation and backfilling, when the financial aid application concerns foundation stabilization work

For more information, consult the website of the city of Montréal, and get in touch with us to get your free estimate for your project.


At Akton Injection, we know your house is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. That’s why our dedicated team of professional technicians make sure your home’s foundation is solid. We have the experience to meet your demands. We will meet your needs by offering you a bespoke solution that doesn't drill a hole in your budget. We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Call one of our representatives today or fill out our form to get a free estimate on foundation piles in Montreal.

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