French drain being installed in a backyard

Everything You Need to Know About French Drains

The strength, stability and safety of your home depend on many factors. A proper drainage system is one of them. As your foundation repair and installation experts, Akton Injection knows how important French drains can be when it comes to protecting your home or business from moisture and water infiltration.

How French Drains Work

When water accumulates in and around your property, it can lead to serious damage including foundation issues and mould problems. A French drain is a type of drainage system that prevents this from happening by allowing water to drain properly and thereby keep your property dry. The drain captures water located at the foot of your building, as well as surface water when the ground becomes oversaturated.


French Drain Installation

French drains can be used for both interior and exterior applications.

In combination with a sump pump, an Interior French drain effectively prevents water from entering your property. The drain is installed under the existing concrete slab of your foundation to collect water and lower your water table. This type of drainage system works well if water tends to accumulate in your basement. However, unlike installing specialized membranes, an interior French drain won’t protect the walls of your foundation from possible deterioration.

Conversely, exterior French drains are installed around the outside perimeter of your foundation. For best results, the surface of your foundation should be inspected before being covered with elastomeric and plastic membranes to relieve pressure from wet soil pressing against your walls. The drain itself consists of a flexible perforated drain pipe buried in a trench along the footing of your foundation. The Exterior French drain is then covered with landscape fibre and gravel to filter out dirt and sediment.


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