What to Do If You Have Cracked or Crumbling Problems with Your Foundation?

Is your foundation cracked or crumbling? If so, you may be wondering what you can do. Fortunately, the experts at Akton Injection have provided an overview on how to determine if your situation requires a minor foundation repair or a total overhaul.


Inspect Your Foundation

It’s a good idea to regularly inspect your foundation for abnormalities. Even small, hairline cracks can worsen over time and lead to seepage or structural damage. Taking photos of the cracks every few months can help you determine whether they’re getting larger or deeper.

If your exterior concrete is cracked, the plaster may also show signs of deterioration. Since plaster is brittle, the cracks may seem alarming. However, to determine if your foundation is affected, check to see if the cracks continue below ground level where there is no longer any plaster.


Identify the Problem

Vertical cracks pose no structural threat to your foundation and are fairly straightforward to repair. This type of cracking frequently occurs in new builds as the concrete begins to dry and shrink back as it sets. Although these types of cracks don’t pose a serious threat when they first appear, they can lead to water infiltration if not promptly repaired. A polyurethane or epoxy injection should correct the issue.

Horizontal and diagonal cracks tend to be more problematic, as they’re often caused by heaving or sinking soil. These types of irregularities should be fixed as soon as possible. Failing to do so could result in major structural damage to your property. It’s a good idea to call in the experts to identify the source of the issue and take the necessary steps to ensure the durability of your building.

A cracked or crumbling foundation may also indicate poor quality concrete. For example, if you can easily scrape off chunks of concrete or the plaster is peeling off, your foundation may require more serious repairs.


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