Polyurethane and Epoxy Crack Injection 101

There are many things that can cause your foundation to crack such as extreme weather, unfavourable soil conditions, water infiltration and improper backfilling. If you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation and are wondering about your repair options, the team at Akton Injection can help. We specialize in polyurethane and epoxy crack injections for homes and businesses in Montreal and the surrounding areas.


Polyurethane is a fast-setting, water-repellent foam that’s mainly used to seal wet or leaking cracks. Therefore, it’s most effective in areas with high humidity. It’s also flexible and can withstand freeze and thaw cycles, as well as future movement.

Polyurethane expands over 20 times its volume to effectively fill in cracks. This means that you can use less product, making it an affordable repair solution. In addition, it hardens within minutes of being injected into a crack, thus reducing the likelihood of it flowing out at the back.



Epoxy is a resin that, once hardened, restores the original strength of your concrete foundation. Its superior strength makes it an excellent solution for protecting reinforcement bars and preventing water leaks.

However, epoxy can only be injected into dry cracks. Although it takes longer to harden, once it sets, it improves your foundation's resistance to pressure.


Polyurethane vs. Epoxy

Whether you should use polyurethane or epoxy for your foundation repair depends on the task at hand. For example, polyurethane is the best choice for residential repairs or if the crack is leaking and needs to be sealed to prevent moisture infiltration. However, epoxy is better for commercial applications or if the foundation requires structural repairs.


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At Akton Injection, we specialize in sealing interior and exterior foundation cracks on residential and commercial buildings. If you need help determining which injection solution will work best for your needs, contact a member of our team, we serve customers in Montreal Laval, South Shore and West Island.