Polyurethane Membrane

Polyurethane Membrane Insulation in Montreal

Are you looking for professionals to insulate your building? Call on Akton Injection to benefit from quality service for your work. Insulation is a key part of any building. It helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reduce heating and cooling costs, and protect against air, moisture and noise infiltration. In Montreal, we use premium quality polyurethane membrane, which improves the thermal comfort of a home and facilitates energy savings.


In addition, the membrane is lightweight, easy to handle and can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including roofs, walls, ceilings and floors. It is also an extremely strong and durable insulating material. With knowledge of the material and application techniques for long-lasting and optimal insulation, our professional and experienced contractors apply the membrane directly to the surface to be insulated, creating an airtight and watertight barrier.


Our insulation experts have extensive experience and cutting-edge skills to provide effective and durable insulation solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us without further delay to benefit from our know-how and our services in Montreal, Laval and the surrounding area.

The advantages of the polyurethane membrane

At Akton Injection, for building insulation, we use premium quality polyurethane membrane which offers the following advantages:


waterproofs, Insulates and Protects - All in 1

Forms a Seamless Membrane without Joints

Protects Against Frost

Water Resistant

Maximum Surface Adhesion

Applied on Uneven Surfaces

 Ecologically Friendly

Need to insulate your roof?

Entrust your project to a team of trained and qualified technicians for impeccable finishes.

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